Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rest / Relax / Rejuvenate with an Eye Pillow

"What the heck is an eye pillow?" you ask.... well, it's a pillow.  For your eyes.

It looks like this:

The scent of lavender helps to relieve headaches and stress (raise your hand if you are immune... yeah, thought so!) as well as serving to be a natural anti-depressant (I think everyone could use that once in awhile!). Just lay it over your eyes to block out light and provide a gentle weight on your face.  I sleep with my eye pillow every single night.  And for the times when I have a bad headache, I'll put it in the freezer, get it nice and cold, then lay it over my eyes.  Not only does it do wonders for tension headaches, it also helps to relieve allergy-induced headaches.  Another use: Eye pillows can be placed in the microwave for a warm muscle relaxer!  

Our eye pillows are made of satin, silk, or silk brocade (depending on what we have in stock), and are filled with organic flax seed and lavender buds.
Want one of your own?  You can order HERE.  Don't see the color you want?  Message me and I'll find it for you, or keep checking back... these sell very quickly so the inventory changes constantly!

Here are some of the reviews we've received on our eye pillows:

"This orange eye pillow is well made and smells terrific. It's just the right weight to apply a slight pressure on my eyes."   – Julie

"Love it... I use this for yoga. It is the perfect weight. Smells great and the fabric is soft and beautiful. Would totally order more from this shop."  
– Cheryl

"Very comfortable and smelled delightful!"   - Jill

"I bought that one before and I loved it! Took it everywhere with me until I left it behind at a hotel :) Amazing product!  I will be ordering eye pillows from you forever!"   - Claudia

And eye pillows are not just for girls... my husband also has one that he cannot sleep without either!  

~ Sam

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Charlotte's Room - After

So I am finally getting around to posting the "after" pictures for Charlotte's room.  Before I do that, however, I have to acknowledge right up front that this kid has WAY TOO MANY toys!  She went through them during the transformation and tried to "thin the herd" - but that's some hard work for a five-year-old.  Anyway...

To start, here she is painting her table (which was covered in crayon, marker, stickers...).  She fell in LOVE with the 2014 Pantone color Radiant Orchid.*  

"I always strike a pose while I paint...
don't you?"
Next up is the "during" which included her helping out by doing some original artwork.  You can also see the first of two (yes, two) coats of Paint.  As you can imagine, painting over the squares was time consuming.  

*Cameo appearance from Cole Cat
Here is the empty room with the new purple/lavender walls:

Some of Charlotte's artwork:

Left: "Butterfly"
Right: "Tent"
This is the view looking in from her doorway:

The view above reversed to look the other direction:

This bed is da-bomb.  That bottom table
area converts to another bed!

"But wait," you say.... "Where are the rainbows?"  Yes, good question. The wall where her bed is in the picture is where the rainbows were supposed to go.  She called an audible - at the time - and indicated she wanted her bed on that wall.  Now, however, a few months down the road, she has reversed her decision.  We will soon be moving the bed to another wall and getting the rainbows.  With a unicorn.  Flying through the clouds.**

We still have a bit more to do in here.  When and if the unicorns ever show up, I'll let you know!


*This is not a sponsored post.
**This is all assuming I can get someone to paint it for me!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Carpool for Office Supplies!

I loathe driving alone to get office supplies...
anyone want to carpool?  
We'd get our own special parking spot:


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sweet Dreams - We Can Help!

Herbs can not only heal the body, but they can help guide your sleep at night.  You can assist yourself in having a more peaceful or restful sleep.... or enter a world of romance.... even wake up with your creative juices already flowing!  

Have you ever noticed that you have odd dreams when you travel or sleep in a new bed?  A peaceful or restful blend can help.  How about getting one for your guest room to assist your guests in having a more restful sleep?

Kids having bad dreams?  A restful blend can help with that.

Hit a brick wall where your creative juices are concerned?  Creativity blend can help.

Want to spice up your night while you sleep?  Romantic blend is for you.

Our pillows are approximately 6" x 4" x 2".  The herbs are nestled inside of soft fiberfill and then sewn into a cotton "packet" which slips into a washable removable case of your choosing. Your pillow will include a resealable plastic bag for you to store the pillow in while not in use.

What do you mean "Not in use?"  We recommend that you only use your pillow for about three days, then store for another three in the resealable bag.  We also do not recommend that you use more than one pillow at a time... each blend has a specific mixture of herbs to aid in a particular type of dream.  

Listed below are the four dream blends that we offer.  Take a gander. Then click HERE to see our pattern selection and order your own!

Are you having some bad dreams that leave you feeling stressed when you wake up?  Could a few restful nights of sleep be what you need?  This blend will help you have restful sleep.  (This blend has also been used to help children who have "scary" dreams at night.)

The following herbs are in the Restful Dream Blend:  Roses (peacefulness, clairvoyance); Mugwort (visions and prophetic dreams, aids in remembering dreams); Sweet Marjoram (eases nervousness and restlessness, adds warmth, safety, and comfort to dreams); and Hops (induces relaxation and peacefulness).

Feeling a little out-of-sorts when you wake up?  Could a few pleasant dreams and peaceful sleep be what you are looking for?   This blend will help you have pleasant dreams for a peaceful sleep.

The following herbs are in the Pleasant Dream Blend:  Roses (peacefulness, clairvoyance); Mugwort (visions and prophetic dreams, aids in remembering dreams); Lavender (peaceful sleep and clairvoyant dreams); Sweet Marjoram (eases nervousness and restlessness, adds warmth, safety, and comfort to dreams); and Mint (vivid dreams).

Would you like a few romantic dreams brighten up your night?  Slip one of these Romantic Dream Pillows into your own pillow before you go to sleep at night and drift into a world of love!   This blend has been known to encourage dreams of your special someone in more evocative and spicy situations.

The following herbs are in the Romantic Dream Blend:  Roses (peacefulness, clairvoyance); Mugwort (visions and prophetic dreams, aids in remembering dreams); Rosemary (avoid nightmares and headaches); Spearmint (enhances clarity and vividness); Cinnamon (adds warmth and spice to dreams); and Cloves (adds a "spicy" feeling to dreams).

Have you hit a mental roadblock and feeling bland?  Could you use a little assistance in getting your creative juices flowing?  This blend has been known to encourage vividly adventurous dreams yet also enhance sleep. 

The following herbs are in the Creativity Dream Blend:  Roses (peacefulness, clairvoyance); Mugwort (visions and prophetic dreams, aids in remembering dreams); Lavender (peaceful sleep, clairvoyance); Rosemary (avoid nightmares and headaches); Pine (gives dreams outdoors texture); Mint (vivid dreams); Cloves (adds a "spicy" feeling to dreams).


Friday, July 5, 2013

The Match Game

Ok, the theme for this party is The Match Game.  I based it off of the 1970's TV Game Show and it turned out to be one of my absolute favorite parties!  We had so much fun at this party that I almost want to do it again but, I'm not sure if I could top the original party. It was crazy good!

* set up 6 chairs (for the "panel") against a wall so you can see everyone.
* set up 2 chairs - for the contestants - somewhere facing the "panel"
* and then 1 other chair for the "host" if they choose to sit
* you'll also need some sort of score board - I used a large write on wipe off board

Food & Drinks:
* this is easy - anything you want!

* you need at least 9 people for this game... 8 for sure.
* you need 6 people on the panel (you can have more if you like... but, if you're like our group more than that could get chaotic)
* you need two people as your contestants (I rotated people in and out from "panel" to contestant)
* you also need one person to be the host - to read the questions and keep the game moving along (it doesn't take long in this game to get people off track).       ~  * I always choose to be the hostess, it's just easier and since I'm the one writing the questions I already have possible answers in my head and trust me... most of them aren't crowd "approved" (my dirty little mind can't help itself...I blame my mother for this).
* So, anyway the game is simple... it goes like this:

Let your first contestant pick which question they want - either A or B (you'll have two stacks of cards/questions) **if contestant one picks B...contestant two gets A.
The host(ess) asks a question to a contestant and the panel,  they write their answer down on paper (I used large note cards & black sharpie markers)
Once everyone has written down their answer...ask the contestant what their answer to the question was.  (I always re-read the question just for fun).
Once they've shown their answer start at the first person on your panel and get their answer, once you've gotten their answer continue on to the next person and so on and so forth.
For every answer (from the panel) that matches the contestant, that contestant gets a point.
After all points have been added up move on to the next question and the next contestant.
First contestant to reach 20 points wins that round.
After you find a winner you can now rotate two new contestants in and rotate the previous contestants to the "panel"
After everyone gets a chance to be a contestant you could start pitting the winners against each other to see how they do.  That is, if you still have questions left!
*Must-have suggestion* ~ download the theme music for The Match Game ~ play the music while they are writing their answers down.

The Questions:
* I actually went online and looked up the original TV show The Match Game.  I went through a bunch of old episodes (You Tube is great for this) and pulled out as many questions as I could.  I tried to pick the ones that I thought would generate some funny answers and wrote those down on note cards.
* Do two stacks of cards, label them A & B.  You should have 2 questions for each "round" (after each contestant answers a question that's one round)  
* I had about 10 questions per guest.  This seems like a lot when you're talking 10+ people... but, if you do your homework and get some funny questions, you should have enough so that everyone can play, which will make for a better party!  Promise!

Sample Questions: (yes, I actually used these)
* The big bad wolf went to grandmothers house for lunch...when he returned home he said  "That lady had the biggest pair of **blanks** I've ever seen!"
* Mary never wears a **blank**
* Every girl needs a least one **blank**
* John said, "I haven't had a **blank** in a month!"
* Eric drove by Sally's house and happened to see her through her open window.  He couldn't believe he saw her doing **blank**!
* I saw Simon today and he had the biggest **blank** on his shirt I've ever seen!
* OK...that's only a few of the ones I used.  When writing your questions, add names of the people who are at your party to the names of the people in the questions.  It makes it more personal and a whole lot more fun sometimes, too!

If you need more questions, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can come up with for you.  However, make sure to specify if you want "clean" or "dirty" questions!

Have a wonderful party!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Charlotte's Room - Before

I wanted to do a post about Charlotte's room... especially since she wants me to turn it into a rainbow theme.  Yes, rainbows.  But hey, it's her room - she might as well like it!  But when I had a say in her room for the first 4.5 years, here is what I did with it:

It took hours and hours to paint this damn room - but it turned out fantastic!  And also, I think this is the cleanest it ever was... only because she was at her grandma and grandpa's house when I converted it from her "baby" room into her "big girl" room.  Now her toddler bed is gone and has been replaced with a double bed, there are toys EVERYWHERE, bookshelves, toy shelves, a clothing bar with princess dresses, stuffed animals, toy guns, basically a kid's room 'o crap. That is why you are not getting pictures of it in its current state.

But now she's ready for an even "bigger" girl room since she is so grown up and starting pre-k in the fall.  We'll be getting her a bunk bed and dwindling her "stuff" down to about half. 

I'm still trying to figure out the whole "rainbow" thing and how I am going to make it happen.  She literally wants all the walls painted in bright rainbows.  We'll see what I come up with.  Until then I have to arrange another "extended" visit with the grandparents so I can reduce, clean, and paint! 

I'll get to it.  Sometime this summer.  But for now I am going to enjoy the last remaining remnants of my toddler's room before the pre-tween shows up.

* By the way... like the owls in the bottom picture?  You can buy your own owl HERE in our shop!