Monday, September 19, 2011

About Us

Sam & Cathy   

If you ask Sammy (aka "SamIAm") to describe herself, she would tell you that she is an actress trapped in the body of a lawyer. She would rather be "on location" somewhere in Hollywood versus sitting in a courtroom in Georgia.

If you ask Cathy (aka “LittleQ”) to describe herself, she would tell you that she an Olympic gold medalist (sprinter, to be exact) in the body of an old, fat, broken-down, injured, office manager.

We met in high school in East Moline, Illinois.  At first meeting, we did not like each other.  At all.  Sam thought Cathy was too prissy, and Cathy thought Sam was a tomboy.  However, the opposite was actually true -- Sam was the prissy drama queen, and Cathy was the tomboy jock!  We cannot recall how, or why, but we somehow became friends.  The best of friends.

When we get together, something fun and magical happens.  The best parts of our personalities come out, and we become one big ball of crazy insane fun. What's better than having fun with your best-friend, making awesome product, doling out (sometimes) good advice, making how-to videos, and having great memories to look back on?!

We hope you enjoy our site!

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