Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Case" in Point....

So today I am at work discussing "The Sapphire Key" with some co-workers.  My office neighbor had not seen the site yet, so I go to her office with her to log in to it.  She's perusing around, and she comes to the jewelry satchel section.  As she's reading it, she starts cackling.  Like a hen.  She leans over, gets her purse, and pulls out this:

Tammie carries her jewelry around in her purse, and her gym bag, in plastic baggies.  YES!  Plastic baggies!  Through her laughter, she says "Just go ahead and bring me one of the satchels." 

"Case" in point, readers.  No need to carry your jewels in baggies - purchase a proper "case" for them - the jewelrysatchel!


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