Friday, December 30, 2011

White Trash Party

Over the years I've had a number of crazy fun parties.  Actually, my New Year's parties are starting to take on a life of their own.  The first one I ever did was a murder mystery party, which didn't go over as well as I'd hoped.  Soon I realized that it was not the idea that did not go over so well, it was that I had not planned ahead and really thought about my theme as well as I should have.

I like to make sure that my guests have fun and always pick my New Year's party over anyone else's, so I try to think of something fun and interesting that everyone can get into.

"White Trash Expo" (as I liked to call it) was probably one of the more fun parties I've had... a close second to "The Match Game" (which, I'll cover in another post… stay tuned!).   To start, "White Trash Expo" is a party when your friends and guests can come dressed in, well, just about anything... and sometimes (depending on who you invite) next to nothing!   ~  Oh, and it's one of the cheapest parties I've ever had to throw!   Definitely good on the budget!

Here are a few quick ideas to start you off with:*

MENU:  (this is simple)
* Anything you buy MUST be generic.  No name brands here!  Even your drinks have to be generic!
* Leave everything in the bag/packaging... no need to take it all out and make it fancy
* Drinks: leave it all in the bottles or cans... have your friends/guests drink it right out of the bottle ~ or put it in a brown paper bag and let them drink it that way!

* Buy a bunch of temporary tattoos and set up a tattoo booth.  Everyone that comes through the door has to have (no less than) 2 tattoos (or whatever number you feel is the most fun).    ~ I found packs of Ed Hardy tattoos at the drug store.  These worked great!
* Find a bucket of some sort and make a beer punch bowl (make sure the beer is generic).
* Use the empty beer cans from the punch bowl, string them together with wire and hang them somewhere.  ~ If you don't want to hang them up.. make a beer can tower)

GAMES: (please no drinking and driving!)
* Beer pong (just don't make the same mistake as we did and start mixing cheap generic beer with malt beer... not good!)
* Fastest beer drinking contest (do it the old fashion way - poke a hole in the bottom of the can, pop the top, and drink from bottom hole (this game really helps with the next game))
* Burping contest


* If you have your friends/guests dress up (which I highly recommend) have them do a fashion show for everyone.  Make a little runway down your hall into your kitchen... down your hall into your livingroom... whatever works!
* Make sure to have prizes for best and worst dressed  (I used a can of SPAM & a fake snuggie - which we named "The Faux-ggie")



* Put curlers in your hair and leave them
* Add a pillow under a really short dress and pretend to be pregnant... then make sure you have a fake cigarette & a bottle of beer or wine in your hands at all times. ~ Oh, don't forget the fish-net stockings!
* Add some black make-up around one eye to give yourself a black eye
* Find a pair of tight sweats that say "Juicy" across the butt... push them down to your hips (make sure the legs drag on the ground).  Add a beat-up pair of bedroom slippers and you're set!
* Tight white tank top... but, make sure it's dirty
* You could either go with no make-up or too much make-up! Either works great!
* Ok, I could go on and on so, just use your imagination!


* "Bubba teeth" are awesome for the guys ~ creepy, yet fun!
* Anything camo works great
* Bib overalls - make sure they're way too big ~ but, only have one strap up, let the other one hang
* Cut the sleeves off an old ratty shirt OR a white tank top works well (if it's smeared in grease, so much the better!)
* Make sure you wear tighty-whites (and make sure that they're always showing!)
* Belly or butt-crack showing works well, too
* Again, I could go on and on with this...
* The costumes should be fun and funny.  Don't spend a lot of money buying stuff.  If you don't have anything like this, go to a second-hand store and find an outfit for $5 and make it look how you want it.  The funnier the better I say!!

If you have any sort of contest, make sure to have little prizes for the winners.  Go to the dollar store and buy some cheap stuff.   A fake swiss army knife, grenade lighter (yes, I actually found one of these), a shirt that says "Wal-Mart" on it, fake snuggie, can of SPAM, camo trucker hat, anything generic or just plain fun will work just fine.

I hope you find this party idea as fun as we did.  I had a great time planning it, and it was even more fun being there.  I think the best part was watching everyone come through the door in their costumes.  The costumes were almost more fun than the actual party!

One more thing: don't forget your camera!  You never know when you'll need blackmail material.


* No offense is intended by this post!

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