Friday, July 5, 2013

The Match Game

Ok, the theme for this party is The Match Game.  I based it off of the 1970's TV Game Show and it turned out to be one of my absolute favorite parties!  We had so much fun at this party that I almost want to do it again but, I'm not sure if I could top the original party. It was crazy good!

* set up 6 chairs (for the "panel") against a wall so you can see everyone.
* set up 2 chairs - for the contestants - somewhere facing the "panel"
* and then 1 other chair for the "host" if they choose to sit
* you'll also need some sort of score board - I used a large write on wipe off board

Food & Drinks:
* this is easy - anything you want!

* you need at least 9 people for this game... 8 for sure.
* you need 6 people on the panel (you can have more if you like... but, if you're like our group more than that could get chaotic)
* you need two people as your contestants (I rotated people in and out from "panel" to contestant)
* you also need one person to be the host - to read the questions and keep the game moving along (it doesn't take long in this game to get people off track).       ~  * I always choose to be the hostess, it's just easier and since I'm the one writing the questions I already have possible answers in my head and trust me... most of them aren't crowd "approved" (my dirty little mind can't help itself...I blame my mother for this).
* So, anyway the game is simple... it goes like this:

Let your first contestant pick which question they want - either A or B (you'll have two stacks of cards/questions) **if contestant one picks B...contestant two gets A.
The host(ess) asks a question to a contestant and the panel,  they write their answer down on paper (I used large note cards & black sharpie markers)
Once everyone has written down their answer...ask the contestant what their answer to the question was.  (I always re-read the question just for fun).
Once they've shown their answer start at the first person on your panel and get their answer, once you've gotten their answer continue on to the next person and so on and so forth.
For every answer (from the panel) that matches the contestant, that contestant gets a point.
After all points have been added up move on to the next question and the next contestant.
First contestant to reach 20 points wins that round.
After you find a winner you can now rotate two new contestants in and rotate the previous contestants to the "panel"
After everyone gets a chance to be a contestant you could start pitting the winners against each other to see how they do.  That is, if you still have questions left!
*Must-have suggestion* ~ download the theme music for The Match Game ~ play the music while they are writing their answers down.

The Questions:
* I actually went online and looked up the original TV show The Match Game.  I went through a bunch of old episodes (You Tube is great for this) and pulled out as many questions as I could.  I tried to pick the ones that I thought would generate some funny answers and wrote those down on note cards.
* Do two stacks of cards, label them A & B.  You should have 2 questions for each "round" (after each contestant answers a question that's one round)  
* I had about 10 questions per guest.  This seems like a lot when you're talking 10+ people... but, if you do your homework and get some funny questions, you should have enough so that everyone can play, which will make for a better party!  Promise!

Sample Questions: (yes, I actually used these)
* The big bad wolf went to grandmothers house for lunch...when he returned home he said  "That lady had the biggest pair of **blanks** I've ever seen!"
* Mary never wears a **blank**
* Every girl needs a least one **blank**
* John said, "I haven't had a **blank** in a month!"
* Eric drove by Sally's house and happened to see her through her open window.  He couldn't believe he saw her doing **blank**!
* I saw Simon today and he had the biggest **blank** on his shirt I've ever seen!
* OK...that's only a few of the ones I used.  When writing your questions, add names of the people who are at your party to the names of the people in the questions.  It makes it more personal and a whole lot more fun sometimes, too!

If you need more questions, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can come up with for you.  However, make sure to specify if you want "clean" or "dirty" questions!

Have a wonderful party!


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