Monday, October 6, 2014

Charlotte's Room - After

So I am finally getting around to posting the "after" pictures for Charlotte's room.  Before I do that, however, I have to acknowledge right up front that this kid has WAY TOO MANY toys!  She went through them during the transformation and tried to "thin the herd" - but that's some hard work for a five-year-old.  Anyway...

To start, here she is painting her table (which was covered in crayon, marker, stickers...).  She fell in LOVE with the 2014 Pantone color Radiant Orchid.*  

"I always strike a pose while I paint...
don't you?"
Next up is the "during" which included her helping out by doing some original artwork.  You can also see the first of two (yes, two) coats of Paint.  As you can imagine, painting over the squares was time consuming.  

*Cameo appearance from Cole Cat
Here is the empty room with the new purple/lavender walls:

Some of Charlotte's artwork:

Left: "Butterfly"
Right: "Tent"
This is the view looking in from her doorway:

The view above reversed to look the other direction:

This bed is da-bomb.  That bottom table
area converts to another bed!

"But wait," you say.... "Where are the rainbows?"  Yes, good question. The wall where her bed is in the picture is where the rainbows were supposed to go.  She called an audible - at the time - and indicated she wanted her bed on that wall.  Now, however, a few months down the road, she has reversed her decision.  We will soon be moving the bed to another wall and getting the rainbows.  With a unicorn.  Flying through the clouds.**

We still have a bit more to do in here.  When and if the unicorns ever show up, I'll let you know!


*This is not a sponsored post.
**This is all assuming I can get someone to paint it for me!!!

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