Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rest / Relax / Rejuvenate with an Eye Pillow

"What the heck is an eye pillow?" you ask.... well, it's a pillow.  For your eyes.

It looks like this:

The scent of lavender helps to relieve headaches and stress (raise your hand if you are immune... yeah, thought so!) as well as serving to be a natural anti-depressant (I think everyone could use that once in awhile!). Just lay it over your eyes to block out light and provide a gentle weight on your face.  I sleep with my eye pillow every single night.  And for the times when I have a bad headache, I'll put it in the freezer, get it nice and cold, then lay it over my eyes.  Not only does it do wonders for tension headaches, it also helps to relieve allergy-induced headaches.  Another use: Eye pillows can be placed in the microwave for a warm muscle relaxer!  

Our eye pillows are made of satin, silk, or silk brocade (depending on what we have in stock), and are filled with organic flax seed and lavender buds.
Want one of your own?  You can order HERE.  Don't see the color you want?  Message me and I'll find it for you, or keep checking back... these sell very quickly so the inventory changes constantly!

Here are some of the reviews we've received on our eye pillows:

"This orange eye pillow is well made and smells terrific. It's just the right weight to apply a slight pressure on my eyes."   – Julie

"Love it... I use this for yoga. It is the perfect weight. Smells great and the fabric is soft and beautiful. Would totally order more from this shop."  
– Cheryl

"Very comfortable and smelled delightful!"   - Jill

"I bought that one before and I loved it! Took it everywhere with me until I left it behind at a hotel :) Amazing product!  I will be ordering eye pillows from you forever!"   - Claudia

And eye pillows are not just for girls... my husband also has one that he cannot sleep without either!  

~ Sam

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