Friday, January 23, 2015

Sewing Room - Before

About three years ago I converted one of our guest rooms into my sewing room.  I wanted something orange and pink.  I set it up the best way I could and have been using it as such ever since.

But lately, in whatever spare time I find in front of the TV, I've been watching HGTV... which is dangerous.  Very very dangerous.

Now I want a "new and improved" sewing room. Shhh.... don't tell my husband, he's not aware of it yet!  (Well, the cat will be out of the bag if he reads this!)

I'm not really sure what I want to do, but there has got to be a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution.

At any rate, here is my room as it is today (today: metaphorically speaking... it's actually rather cluttered with half-finished aprons, fabric to be put away, boxes from shipments.... but you get the gist... and do not mind the picture quality - these were taken with my iPhone):

View looking in
The room really is not that orange, I think it is my stellar lighting and photography skills. The papasan chair is crazy cozy and will oftentimes have the butt of my daughter or my husband in it! The footstool cube also serves as storage - but if memory serves me correctly it has a doll, a blanket, and a set of headphones in it currently as it has been commandeered by my kid.  The window pane was salvaged from an old house.  I glued cork to it and use it to pin notes, pictures, a calendar... whatever.

Sewing Corner...
I love my orange chair - it rolls, it spins, it's cushy!
I've got three main machines:  a Janome for the bulk of my sewing; a Brother serger; and a Brother embroidery (which doubles as a button-hole maker and bobbin winder).  This set-up is actually ideal... I do not want to change this area much.  With my rolly-swivelly chair I can swing around and get to all three machines with ease. ( well as to the ipod when a wholly inappropriate song comes on and the kid is in the room...)  See that clear case under the double sewing table?  That is an artist case which is the perfect size for rick-rack and binding tape. Highly recommend one.  As for thread storage on the wall, I keep the bobbin on the bottom of the peg and the thread on top of that.  That way each color stays together.  I also have the thread color number facing up so I can see quickly what the numbers are in case any need to be replaced on my (almost) daily trip to Joann's.  My main scissors hang there as well.

Sheet for a closet door.  I'm classy like that.
Another view of my sewing area.  The shelf in front holds my serger thread, a couple of baskets with lavender, flax seed, and silk brocade fabric (for eye pillow making).  The three-drawer containers hold buttons that I use for aprons, my tags, vecro, elastic, and something else that I cannot recall off of the top of my head!  The tall cabinet has a lot of my apron fabric (I like to use a heavier weight). It is wrapped on corrugated plastic sheets (much like in a fabric store).  I also have a basket of zippers in there.   

Cutting Table; Shipment Center
The rolling cart next to the tall cabinet has various stabilizers, ironing items, and extra shopping bags for craft shows.  The closet has a wire shelf with mostly shipping supplies (envelopes, scale, etc.).  I also store my finished aprons in the closet, as well as tables and display items for craft shows.  The cutting table is just a bathroom cabinet with a small 4' piece of countertop on it.  In the drawers I keep tissue paper and other shipping items.  I've got a key hook strip above the cutting table with clearly marked scissors... one for paper, one for material, one for threads - that way if the non-sewers in the house look for scissors, they know which ones to grab (although their use is highly frowned upon!).   

Fabric to the right... fabric in front...
fabric fabric everywhere!
The shelf right in front has chevron, college/nfl team prints, flannel, and duck cloth.

Storage and Inventory
This is where I keep a lot of my inventory (in the larger containers).  I also keep fabric scraps in the bottom center pink bins, and then a lot of my material on the right.  The photo boxes contain patterns, receipts, camera stuff, machine manuals and accessories.

So that's the space for now.  Oh - an area I forgot to photograph is behind the door - I keep my ironing board and iron back there.

I don't really know what I want, but it's not what I currently have.  So this "before" may remain a before for quite some time...


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