Saturday, April 18, 2015

Alter Ego

So, the chicks here at The Sapphire Key are gearing up to release our newest venture:

That's Sew Wrong

We will be making some of the same products that we sell at The Sapphire Key, but these will have a little more "mature" theme to them.

Think eye pillows embroidered with vulgarities warning the person who tries to awaken the sleeper.... an apron with swear words all over it.... or another apron with sharks and "ATTORNEY" embroidered on it.... an essential oils pouch that says "Good Shit"....

You get the idea.

We will be releasing a second website and Etsy shop once our "legal" stuff is in place.  We will still be making the same retro cool items that you are used to, but these will be kicked up a {mature} notch at our alter-ego.*

Until then, we leave you with this:

our new kick-ass logo...

and yes, there is no apostrophe in
"thats" - which bothers the crap out
of me, but web addresses use very little
punctuation, and that apostrophe was
one of the victims.

*Honestly, That's Sew Wrong is much more in line with our actual snarky, bitchy, sarcastic personalities!

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