Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Who made YOUR apron?

While perusing Facebook, I saw an article link talking about a woman who had "captured the attention of the culinary world with her stunning aprons."  Of course I had to go read it.... (at this point, it was a video.... I loathe click-bait links to videos... but watched anyway).

This video talked about how she went from working in a restaurant to making aprons.  Well that is awesome - it truly is.  The video shows the HUGE factory where they are made - en masse - to be sold at close to $100 and more.  And they all look alike (except for the colors).  

Please do not misunderstand, this woman rocks. She has captured a dream and is succeeding at it. My issue is that *she* is not making the aprons (although she might design them - it's not really clear), numerous people in a huge factory are. (She does pick the fabrics, etc., so I guess she *makes* them in that sense.)

If you are looking for an apron which is functional, fun, one-of-a-kind, and actually made by the person who claims to be making it, you can buy one of ours.

Purple and Red Floral Apron, $37.50

The Sapphire Key aprons are made by me, Sam, in my home.  I select the materials, the print patterns, and make the apron-design myself.  It takes approximately 4 hours to make one single full-size apron.  (Men's aprons take less time - and they look like the "stunning aprons" mentioned above - but better.)  Furthermore, not only are our aprons one-of-a-kind and truly made in the USA, they are about a third of the price.

Ponder that.  

When you finish pondering, click on over to our Etsy shop and support a true small business.  If you do not see something that tickles your fancy, message me and I can create an apron that does.


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